Tasting Table


Tasting experiences in Cima del Pomer enshrine the values that inspire our approach to production.

Sensitivity, exemplified by the attention we pay to creating a unique product, which stands out in the world of great Prosecco wines.
Creativity, which is the daily inspiration to create and recreate our wines.
Freedom, as expressed through both your and our desire to express personal choice to the full.
Hospitality, which is the value that inspires us to open our doors, and share our experience of Cima del Pomer with our guests.

When you arrive at Cima del Pomer, you will discover the true essence of the noble wines of Venice and will receive a warm welcome from Alessandra and her traditional Venetian Aperitif.
Ours is a tasting experience that speaks of Venice, its women, and its centuries-old tradition of wines which have their origin in the Fondante® Method, developed to the full in the particularly fine Ganzo.