chimera caterina
Chapter 1


Caterina was a young venetian of noble birth. After becoming the queen of Cyprus she courageously held out against multiple revolts and…


Clara Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut

Chapter 3


This is an exuberant and decisive wine at the same time as being elegant and docile. An old venetian story narrates of a female rhinoceros…



Chimera Fondante - Cimadelpomer

Chapter 5


Produced using the age old technique of re-fermentation or “sur lie”, Fondante is a lovingly crafted, natural wine to drink right down…


Chapter 6

Don’t You Want To Know How Our Wines Taste ?

Sweet perfumes, sensations of fruit and flowers fine taste yet strong and indomitable specimen…


Around our wonderful hills are many things to do

Nearby is Asolo, a medieval walled gem perched on a sunbathed hilltop while looming above, Monte Grappa bears silent witness to the Great War. Down the road is Villa Volpi, the most beautiful of Palladio’s Villas while in Possagno is Canova’s studio, home to his dreams, his art and his beloved Temple. A short drive takes you to the walled city of Castelfranco, the birthplace of Giorgione. History, architecture, nature and above all the love of beauty are all waiting for you on your doorstep.

pala-di-castelfranco - cimadelpomer

La Rocca di Asolo

Enjoy The Tranquil Nature At Our Luxury Holiday Apartments Near Monfumo

Spending quality time in serenity is what we always search for. So, why not make your holiday something of that sort!! Cima Del Pomeris one of the most peaceful holiday vacation rentals in Treviso, Venice. Away from the city’s loud crowd and traffic, we are offering tranquility where you can enjoy and feel the harmonious silence of nature.
Who is not aware of the historic beauty and the tantalizing sceneries of Italy, especially Asolo!! A vacation at Italy always means to be a lifetime achievement. And our Monfumo and Venice vacation rentals can make your holiday extremely charismatic. Italy’s famous historic places like the birthplace of Giorgione, Canova’s studio are just a short drive away from our villa. Our mesmeric location of extravaganza will make you realize the breathing architecture and history of Italy and also the perfect delicacy of Venetian Wines.
Yes, around our luxurious stay, we have 5 of our very own vineries where you can taste some authentic Venetian Wines in utmost tranquility. The aura of its sweetness will travel straight from the tongue to your heart!!
Our luxury apartments in Venice will make you enjoy the most beautiful city of this earth to the fullest. Refreshment and rejuvenation are all we care for; that’s why we have created the holiday rentals in a way which will offer you the ultimate comfort. So, bring the days of your Italic vacation in life…


Cellar tour and wine tasting events

At the winery, located in the family villa of Carlo Amistani in the town centre of Montebelluna, we have a large showroom with tasting room and event space.

Cima Del Pomer
Casa Cima del Pomer: Via Longon, 47 – 31010 Monfumo TV
Commercial office, at villa Carlo Amistani: Corso Mazzini, 11 – 31044 Montebelluna TV
T +39 (0)423 300 050
M +39 348 463 16 83